Ali Zaib Foundation serves the Pakistan as a large group of non-profited organization they also serve the children who suffered from thalasemia and now is a Thalassemia Center in Pakistan.

Thalassemia is a bunch of hereditary disorders characterized by reduced or absent amounts of haemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying macromolecule within the erythrocytes. There are 2 basic teams of hypochromic anemia disorders: alpha hypochromic anemia and beta hypochromic anemia. These conditions cause varying degrees of anemia, which may vary from insignificant to life threatening. All kinds of thalassemias are supposed of quantitative diseases of hemoprotein, because the amount of hemoprotein created is reduced or absent. Usual adult hemoprotein is formed of 3 components: alpha simple protein, beta simple protein, and heme. Thalassemias are classified according to the globin that is affected, thus the names alpha and beta hypochromic anaemia. Although each categories of hypochromic anaemia have an effect on identical protein, the alpha and beta thalassemias are isolated diseases that disturb the body in numerous ways.
Normal Hb conjointly referred to as Hb A, has four macromolecule chains two alpha simple protein and 2 beta simple protein. The 2 major sorts of hypochromic anemia, alpha and beta, are named once defects in these macromolecule chains. Four genes (two from every parent) are required to form enough alpha globin protein chains. Alpha hypochromic anemia attribute happens if one or two of the four genes are missing. If more than 2 genes are missing, moderate to severe anemia happens. The foremost severe type of alpha hypochromic anemia is named alpha Thalassemia major or hydrops fetalis. Babies who have this disorder typically die before or shortly after birth. Two genes (one from every parent) are required to form enough beta globin protein chain. Beta hypochromic anemia happens if one or each gene is altered. The severity of beta hypochromic anemia depends on what proportion one or each genes are affected. If each genes are affected, the result is moderate to severe anemia. The severe type of beta hypochromic anemia is thought as thalassaemia or Cooley's anemia. Thalassemia has an effect on males and females. The disorders occur most frequently among folks of Italian, Greek, geographic region, Southern Asian, and African descent. Severe forms typically area unit diagnosed in time of life and area unit womb-to-tomb conditions. Doctors diagnose thalassemias victimization blood tests.

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